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1.3   Mktlist reserves the will to remove any Material from the Website giving notice and to stop any Material uploaded by a User.

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1.7   If the User does not have compliance of Mktlist policies to use his / her information given in clause 1.3 and 1.4, the he / she should not use the Website and leave without giving personal details.

1.8   If the user does not want Mktlist to send information concerning the Website, then he / she should send an email to Mktlist mentioning the subject ‘Unsubscribe’.

1.9   Mktlist reserves the right to terminate or suspend a User’s account at its sole discretion, whenever it deems important.

1.10            Mktlist possesses all Intellectual Property Rights in the Website and its Service apart from pictures and content given by Realtors and Users.

1.11            Mktlist holds all right to act on breach of Intellectual Property Rights and Users cannot hold Mktlist accountable for to issues with regards to this.

1.12            User allows Mktlist an irreversible, fees-free and non-limited right for authorization to use, replicate, modify and display material on the website while also reserving the right to remove that material at any point in time.

1.13             Mktlist allows the User to put Material on the Site as per Mktlist's ways if that Material is not unlawful, indecent, unmannerly, intimidating, insulting or otherwise offensive to Mktlist.


2.1 Mktlist reserves the right to change the terms of business if deemed necessary.

2.2 If any facility of this Agreement or share thereof shall be annulled for whatsoever reason, it shall be considered removed and the remaining shares shall last in full force and result.

2.2 Mktlist reserves the right to allocate or delegate any or all its rights and responsibilities under these Terms.

2.3 The titles in these Terms are exclusively used for suitability and will not have any lawful or pledged consequence.

2.4 Mktlist will not be accountable for any loss agonized by the other party or believed to be in nonpayment for any delays or failures in performance hereunder subsequent from acts or reasons beyond its sensible control or from any acts of God, acts or rules of any governmental authority.


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